Yoga teaches teens techniques for coping with the unique issues that they are faced with on a daily basis; the insecurities about their changing body images, the enormous pressure ‘to fit in’, stressful schedules and uncertainties about their beliefs and their future.

Teens are just learning to think for themselves and to figure out their stance on life.  At this time, Yoga can be hugely influential to a developing mind.

As a Yoga teacher, the relationship with the teen is vital, as it has the potential to grow.  The teacher is in a role model position and this could have a huge impact on positive and confident development into the young adult years.

Teens are wonderfully soulful and just starting to ‘get the big picture’.  They care about causes, self-expression and freedom.

Yoga helps these budding beings to connect to their own inner questioner, whilst being unafraid to be present in that desire for self-expression.

Helping to liberate and at the same time, structure the teen mind, Yoga is an invaluable tool for today’s lifestyle.

Yoga for Teenagers – There are currently no teenager classes running.

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