Your newly independent child will learn about posture, breath, relaxation, self-respect and discipline in a small, non-competitive class. After school, the child experiences a fun and energising Yoga session that honours their young age.

Although learning a discipline, children are free to interpret the postures within their own understanding.  Yoga helps to balance the emotions of the child and offers coping mechanisms for self-regulation of these emotions.

Improved self-esteem is a benefit of Yoga, as is a session that offers a holistic approach to body, mind and harmony with plenty of individual attention.

Yoga for children benefits all aspects of their life, including the educational benefits associated with stillness, focus, posture and a balanced sense of self.

(No classes currently running)

“Oliver is a sensitive boy who has had problems with confidence in the past. He has tried many different activities which did not seem to suit his nature, yet has responded wonderfully to Yoga and to Rachel’s gentle and intuitive manner. Because Yoga is so non-competitive, he has been able to learn skills and strengths at his own pace. Over the last year, his muscle tone has improved enormously to the extent that he now partakes in activities at school in a much more engaged way. Yoga has been a wonderful discovery for Oliver.” (Sharon – Self Employed)


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