A precious time of Yoga for parent and child to build on balance, strength, co-ordination, confidence and breath awareness. Fun, games and movement are incorporated into classical Yoga sequences. In an often busy life, this is a time of stillness, joy and togetherness. Postures develop natural bodily awareness including healthy development of the spine. At this pre-school age, good breathing habits can be established.

The session introduces the child to a gentle routine of their own which they can explore at their own pace. Mum or Dad are just as involved in the session as the child to give a mutually pleasurable and relaxing exploration into the benefits of Yoga.

Friday 10.30am -11.15am (2-4 yr olds) £8 per session payable in advance 

“Lovely gentle class for pre-schoolers. The children learn Yoga postures interspersed with movement and relaxation. Rachel is a great teacher; patient and understanding with all of the children and their different needs.” (Jayne – Mother)


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