These sessions are a time for a woman to enjoy her pregnancy, whether that be first, second, third, fourth…as each pregnancy is unique. Yoga for pregnancy centres on movement, breath awareness and relaxation techniques.

Yoga for Pregnancy & Prep centres on movement, breath awareness and relaxation techniques for each stage of your wonderful journey from conception, into pregnancy, the weeks and days before birth, the joyous occasion itself and what to do in the days and weeks afterwards.

These classes help relieve typical issues in pregnancy such as back pain, aching neck and shoulders, heaviness in the legs, sleeplessness and natural anxiety brought about by the change that pregnancy brings.

During this shared time, mums often make long lasting friendships. The sessions celebrate each woman through this journey.

Penarth Venue – Tuesdays 18.45 – 19.45 £60 for 6 wks

(Classes are ongoing, you can start at any time)

In addition, birth preparation for couples complements the Yoga in Pregnancy sessions and focuses on the dynamics initiating the birthing process such as hormonal release and how we can use this release effectively for our own pain relief.  Birthing positions are explored as is breath awareness and techniques to connect with the flow of contractions to enhance a woman’s relationship with her own bodily sensations. These sessions empower the couple through physiological understanding and knowledge of the birth process to support you through your journey.

Times and location by appointment £85 per couple (approx 2.5 hrs)

“As a busy mum with two children at home, the classes were a wonderful opportunity to set aside time for myself.  The class provided movements which were both gentle and energising.  Rachel always offered modifications that met my needs.  My sense of well being was always enhanced by relaxation at the end of each session.” (Helen – Chartered Engineer)

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