Toddlers – Toddlers are growing in confidence and are very independent and not all toddlers want to receive a full massage.  Their attention span is short and they can become easily frustrated and tense if they have to stay still for any length of time.  They will fiercely exert their independence, even turning to tantrums as their self-awareness increases and by now can verbally communicate whether they wish to receive a massage or not.

Adapting the massage will introduce the toddler to new sensations and stimulate their very active imaginations.  They key to keeping youngsters interested in massage is to make it fun and as enjoyable as possible.  Parents should be reminded that they should still be very mindful of their child’s non–verbal and verbal cues.

Pre-School Children and Beyond – The attention span of a three to four year old child is much longer and they can now enjoy interactive games with parents, siblings and other children.  Massage can really help stretch their imagination by introducing fun massage games.  Children may pefer not to have their clothes removed; however massage games can still give some benefits not least maintaining the closeness between parent and child.

The Teenager – If the teenager has received regular massage since birth, they will have developed a special relationship with their parents and may still be amenable to receivng and indeed giving a massage.  If they haven’t received massage as a younger child, this is a perfect time to introudice it.  However, this is a time when many children are body-conscious and may pefer to cover up when having a massage or they will be only be prepared for certain areas to be massaged that they are comfortbale with exposing, such as feet, hands, head, neck and shoulders.  Again, respect is the key to an enjoyable experience for both teenager and parent.

Many teenagers are dealing with surges in hormones and changes in body shape and may become less communicative as they are approaching or going through puberty.  Massage is an excellent way of finding some space in a busy day to help them relax and feel more comfortable with themselves.  Also, it is often the case, when children feel more relaxed during the massage they are more inclined to open up to parents and off-load any worries and anxieties they have.  Massage is a wonderful communication tool.

Benefits of Massage

  • Children become calmer
  • Concentration is improved
  • Helps children to distinguish between positive
    egative touch
  • Promotes self-esteem and empowers children
  • Reduces bullying and aggression
  • Stress is reduced; helping to reduce shoulder tension, breathing difficulties, skin problems and insomnia

Sessions are bookable on a one to one basis or may be shared with another parent/child.  Cost is for three sessions:- £70 for toddlers and pre-schoolers and £85 for school aged children and teenagers.  Each session can last between 20mins and an hour depending on the age of your child.  Massage ideally takes place in your home but can be arranged at The Kymin.

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