Yoga for ChildrenYoga for Children

Your newly independent child will learn about posture, breath, relaxation, self-respect and discipline in a small, non-competitive class.  Although learning a discipline, children are free to interpret the postures within their own understanding.  Yoga for children benefits all aspects of their life, including the educational benefits associated with stillness, focus, posture and a balanced sense of self.

No classes running at the moment.


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Yoga for TeenagersYoga for Teenagers

Teens are wonderfully soulful and just starting to ‘get the big picture’.  They care about causes, self-expression and freedom.  Yoga helps these budding beings to connect to their own inner questioner, whilst being unafraid to be present in that desire for self-expression.  Helping to liberate and at the same time, structure the teen mind, Yoga is an invaluable tool for today’s lifestyle.

No classes running at the current time, please contact if you are interested.

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Massage for the Growing ChildMassage for The Growing Child

Benefits of Massage

  • Children become calmer
  • Concentration is improved
  • Helps children to distinguish between positive
    egative touch
  • Promotes self-esteem and empowers children
  • Reduces bullying and aggression
  • Stress is reduced; helping to reduce shoulder tension, breathing difficulties, skin problems and insomnia

Sessions are bookable on a one to one basis or may be shared with another parent / child.  Each session can last between 20mins and an hour depending on the age of your child.  Massage ideally takes place in your home but can be arranged at The Kymin.

Cost is for three sessions:- £30 for Toddlers, £40 for Pre-Schoolers and £50 for Teenagers. 

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