Baby Massage has profound benefits to a baby’s natural development.  Touch from the mother (and father) encourages improved sleep patterns, improved digestion and elimination, along with a boost to the immune system and development of musculature.  Breathing patterns regulate and the experience of bonding between parent and baby is nurtured to reach its highest potential.  Baby Massage teaches smooth, flowing strokes to compliment your baby’s daily rhythm and enables your baby to develop a sense of stillness, ease and confidence.

Sessions include post-natal Yoga based moves that encourage restabilisation of the pelvis and restrengthening of the abdomen and lower back after pregnancy and birth, along with movements that promote good posture for Mum which boosts energy levels.  Baby Massage can also help with any post natal emotional disturbances and imbalances.

(For babies aged 6 weeks to 6 months approx)

Sessions at my house in Penarth at a time to suit – £50 for a 5 week course

“Baby Massage was a hugely positive experience, helping me not only to nurture my baby through bonding, touch and eye contact but also sharing the ups and downs of parenthood with other mums. Rachel is a fantastic instructor,always tuned to the needs of the group and the individual. There were lots of tips and pointers to nurture baby through the first precious few months.”  (Emma – Learning Support Assistant)


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